December 17, 2020

$50 million for fracking in NT a colossal waste of money

17 December 2020: climate activist group has labelled the PM’s plan to spend $50 million to subsidise fracking in the Beetaloo Basin a waste of public money.

350 Australia CEO Lucy Manne said: “Traditional Owners and local communities fiercely oppose fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, today’s announcement of more subsidies for the gas industry is a shameful waste of public funds.

“Subsidising fracking in the Beetaloo Basin is throwing money at a failing gas industry at the expense of local communities while creating a climate disaster. It’s hard to think of a worse idea.

“This is the latest in dirty deals done by the Prime Minister to prop up the gas industry that creates very few jobs and is a driving force behind rising greenhouse gas emissions and devastating climate impacts.

Today’s announcement of $50million for fracking in the Beetaloo Basin comes on top of the Morrison Government’s announcement of $53 million in public funding for the gas industry in September.

“The $100million in public money that the federal government is giving away to the gas industry could be better spent on creating high quality long-term jobs in industries like manufacturing and renewable energy that are good for local communities and our environment.

“It’s time the government funded our future instead of propping up polluting industries.