May 3, 2017 targets CommBank after Adani relationship revealed will target CommBank with protests outside branches starting this week following confidential documents that revealed the bank has secretly been facilitating Adani with developing their controversial Carmichael coal mine.

“Relentless community pressure forced Westpac to walk away from funding the Adani coal mine and now CommBank are standing right in the firing line of massive community backlash if they don’t immediately rule out funding Adani,” Finance spokesperson, Isaac Astill said.

“The dirty relationship between CommBank and Adani is now exposed and it is time for CommBank to finally come clean about their intentions. There are already hundreds of #StopAdani groups and I have no doubt they will be fired up and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure CommBank don’t fund this mine.

“Following Westpac’s decision last week, NAB and Westpac have now ruled out funding Adani’s disastrous coal mine and it is time for CommBank to start walking their talk on combatting climate change. The first step is to stop funding new coal, starting with Adani.

“One of the biggest hurdles Adani has yet to jump is finance for this mine and that is why it is essential no Australian banks fund this mine. It is time CommBank started taking its commitments seriously and joined with the NAB and Westpac in being climate leaders, not laggards.”