August 31, 2016

350.ORG CANBERRA WELCOMES ACT LIBERAL’S CLIMATE POLICY, MORE MUST BE DONE Canberra has welcomed the ACT Liberal’s plan to support 100% renewable energy by 2020 and zero net greenhouse emissions by 2050.

“ACT has long been a leader in renewable energy and climate change policy. The fact the Liberals have matched the position of the Government is a reflection of the strong support for ambitious climate action throughout the Canberra community.” said Canberra spokesperson Josh Creaser.

“This move by the ACT Liberals sits in stark contrast to the Federal party’s ongoing support for the coal, oil and gas expansion industry and paltry emissions reduction targets. In 2016 committing to 100% renewable energy and moving to net zero emissions should be the baseline for all political parties”, continued Creaser.

2016 has seen several of the hottest months on record, significant bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef exacerbated by climate change and major heatwaves across much of the Northern Hemisphere.

“Whilst the ACT Liberals have taken an important step by matching the ACT Government’s policies it’s clear that a transition to net zero emissions must happen sooner than 2050. This should also include the ongoing divestment of ACT Government shares in fossil fuel companies.” said Creaser.

Ahead of the ACT Election Canberra is calling on all parties to outline how they will meet their targets and allow for greater ambition in line with the climate science.

This move by the ACT Liberals comes amid ongoing uncertainty nationally about climate policy and energy transition.

According to Josh Creaser from Canberra, “The tri-partisan support in the ACT for 100% renewable energy is a clear example of what can be achieved when political parties aren’t under the thumb of major fossil fuel corporations. It’s a stark demonstation of the need to get fossil fuel interests out of our politics”.

Beyond 2020, a majority of the ACT’s emissions will come from sectors other than electricity.

“Meeting net zero emissions will require a long term commitment and strong political leadership, ahead of the ACT election we are calling on all parties to outline how they will lead this transition and tackle emissions reductions in other sectors such as transport”, concluded Creaser.


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