Fossil fuel watch

From the first days of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the fossil fuel lobby was running a concerted campaign to exploit the global health crisis to further its agenda.

At we launched a new project, Fossil Fuel Watch, to expose the demands being made by the fossil fuel lobby and track the Government’s response.

What we uncovered

The demands for support from the fossil fuel lobby ranged from company tax cuts, to slashing Howard-Government era environmental legislation, support for import gas terminals and exploration projects, and cuts to mine workers’ pay and conditions. 

Between March and December we tracked 78 instances where fossil fuel lobby groups or companies made demands of the Government to further their agenda, often calling for multiple policies or decisions that would be favourable for fossil fuel expansion. This included:

  • 38 demands to fast track fossil fuel project approvals
  • 29 demands for tax breaks or other financial concessions
  • 24 demands to slash environmental or other corporate regulation
  • 10 demands that would undermine local community or workers’ rights
  • 8 demands to delay or wind back climate and renewable energy policies

Our research was covered in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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