Become a NAB Branch Captain 👑

Adopt your local NAB branch to have friendly conversations with staff and customers to ensure they the bank rules out funding oil & gas projects to protect our future from climate change.

All you need to do is get a couple of people together on a regular basis to talk to the local branch manager and staff, educating them about the risks of oil and gas, and asking them to raise the issue internally.

We know from previous campaigns that if enough staff raise issues internally – talking with management and colleagues – that they have the power to get senior management to take action. By adopting a branch, you’ll be joining hundreds of others around the country demanding NAB take a stand against financing dirty gas projects.

The 350 team are here to support you along the way with resources, training and moral support. Sign up to get access to the how-to guide, a Zoom link for Tuesday’s webinar and a phone call from a 350 staff member.

Join a webinar on 27 July @ 6pm to learn more about the campaign and how to take action

Here’s a zoom link, add the date to your calendar, and we’ll see you there.

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