1.5°C =

No Fossil Fuels

To keep global warming below 1.5°C, coal, oil & gas needs to stay in the ground.

On October 8 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its special report into 1.5°C. It will be a wake up call to the world that the window for avoiding runaway climate change is closing — fast.

To have any chance of staying under 1.5°C no new fossil fuel project can be allowed to go ahead. That means projects like the Adani coal mine and fracking developments in the Northern Territory.

That’s why we want to hand deliver the 1.5℃ report straight to evasive politicians in Canberra. To make them aware of the consequences facing us all and ask them to justify federal inaction on climate change.

Take action and deliver the 1.5°C report to your local MP or Senator.

Here’s how you can get started organising your report delivery.

1. Pick your MP or Senator

To find out who your local MP is go here.

2. Plan your delivery

Start by reading our Report Delivery Guide! This guide has advice on how to set up a meeting with your MP, how to prepare for your meeting, a template agenda, and what you should bring along to your meeting.

Download the guide

You should prepare and print the documents you need for your delivery:

And you might want to watch our online skill-up session! Here’s a link to the webinar slides.

3. Show your people power

Getting a great photo to document your delivery will help us to show our people power. 

It’s important that you get it to us quickly and take a good quality image. Here are a few tips for creating the strongest possible photo – think about how you can include signs at your MP or Senator’s office to show where you are.

Please send your best photos to community@350.org.au with the subject “1.5 DEGREES – [LOCATION]” as quickly as possible!