Meet the team

Lucy Manne

Role: CEO
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Gadigal land/Sydney

Lucy Manne has been a part of the climate justice movement for over 10 years. She is the former National Co-Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) where she was named Prime Minister’s Young Environmentalist of the Year in 2013. She was the Head of Policy and Campaigns at women’s rights organisation ActionAid Australia from 2016-2019, campaigning in solidarity with women around the world on the frontline of Australia’s fossil fuel industry, and has also worked with The Wilderness Society and Climate Action Network Australia.

Lisa Viliamu Jameson

Role: Our Islands Our Home Campaigner
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Meanjin/Brisbane

You’ll find Lisa curating pop-up art exhibitions in Brisbane, whilst dismantling the fossil fuel industry. Lisa Viliamu Jameson is a Sāmoan Australian community campaigner and creative producer. She is a community organiser for the Brisbane Pacific Climate Warriors and campaigner for 350 Australia. Lisa currently campaigns for the landmark Torres Strait Climate Justice case ‘Our Islands Our Home’. She is also the co-founder and creative director of ‘Conscious Mic,’ a collective of artists, cultural practitioners and creative producers based in Brisbane who identify as Indigenous, Pacific Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse.

Kelly Albion

Role: Campaign Director (Fossil Fuels)
Pronouns: they/them
Location: Narrm/Melbourne

Kelly Albion has been a climate activist since they were in high school, and joined in November 2019 with a fire in their belly to take on the fossil fuel lobby. Kelly manages the Fossil Free campaigns team and supports the Organising Team to inspire hundreds of new activists. Previously they were building a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis at the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in various roles including campaigns, communications, schools program coordination and supporting the work of Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network. Kelly enjoys dancing, hiking and taking on the bad guys.

Beatrice Valek

Role: Queensland Organiser
Pronouns: they/she
Location: Meanjin/Brisbane

Beatrice (Bea) is a Sri Lankan – Austrian settler on Yaggera and Turrbal country here in Meanjin, so called Brisbane. Beatrice has worked as a campaigner, organiser and facilitator in Meanjin’s anti-racist, feminist, environmental and climate spaces. Beatrice is a passionate and strong believer in disrupting and challenging current narratives, representation, histories, and language in order to shift the way we understand our relationships with the natural world. Bea believes this is important, so that we can begin to ask questions to do with what we allow to thrive socially – in order to look for different solutions, as well as encourage others to express their love, compassion and anger through direct action and resistance. When Bea is not being a full time agitator, you can also catch them gardening, knitting you a blanket, cooking for and with community, reading, and sampling Meanjin’s best Banh Mi.

Lavanya Pant

Role: National Organiser
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Narrm/Melbourne

Lavanya is the National Organiser at 350 Aus and is passionate about building community for the long haul. She strongly believes that for people to feel empowered, resilient and joyful they must have the support and social connections that it takes to sustain activism and fight for justice. Lavanya got her first taste for activism as coordinator for the Nobel Peace Ride for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and being inspired by the anti-nuclear movement in Australia. She has experience in electoral and community organising in environmental and racial justice campaigns at GetUp, Colour Code and Environment Victoria. She loves camping and cooking with friends and family.

Jody Lightfoot

Role: Digital Director
Pronouns: he/him
Location: Dharawal Country/Illawarra

Jody Lightfoot has a decade of experience campaigning for a just and sustainable world. Jody co-designed and delivered a multi-sector campaign called End COVID For All, which provided political cover for the Australian Government to boost support for our global neighbours to tackle COVID-19. As Campaign Director for Campaign for Australian Aid, Jody led an advocacy effort with 30 organisations which secured a 2019 election commitment from the Australian Labor Party to increase Australia’s international development. Jody has held campaigning roles with organisations including World Vision Australia, Oxfam Australia, Oaktree and has helped to initiate and grow faith-based justice movements such as Common Grace and Love Makes A Way. Jody loves to find any excuse to escape to the mountains. He enjoys hiking with his wife and friends and swimming in the ocean.

Shani Tager

Role: Senior Campaigner
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Dharug and Gundungurra country/Blue Mountains

Shani brings over ten years experience working on campaigns to move Australia away from coal and gas and to turbocharge renewable energy. Most recently she’s worked with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to win protections for the Great Barrier Reef and has previously worked with Solar Citizens and Greenpeace. She loves nothing more than a people-powered win against coal and gas companies.

Alessandro Moliterno

Role: NSW Organiser
Pronouns: he/him
Location: Gadigal land/Sydney

Alessandro has been a committed member of the progressive movement since skipping school to join the anti-war demonstrations in 2003. In recent years he has worked as a campaigner and organiser, building power with activists and workers standing up for their rights. Ale believes that the only way to create real democracy and people power is from the ground up. When not doing his level best to make trouble for the powers that be, Ale enjoys cooking, dank memes, snorkelling, hanging out with octopuses, and running Dungeons and Dragons for as many people as humanly possible.

Kiko Ko

Role: Supporter and Admin Services
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Gadigal land/Sydney

A Hongkie who fell in love with Australia and its diversity. Kiko provides admin support and is the keeper of 350 Australia’s mailbox. The amazing team has opened her eyes to people-power and she is happy to tell you more about what they’re up to! Kiko’s favourite pastime is reading biographies and thinking about how culture plays a role in sustainable development.

Yessie Mosby

Role: Our Islands Our Home Organiser and Cultural Consultant
Pronouns: he/him
Location: Masig, Torres Strait

Yessie Mosby is a Zenadth Kes Masig man, living in the Kulkalgal tribe area in the Central Torres Strait Islands. He is a Traditional Owner, a father, an artist and craftsman, a #TorresStrait8 claimant in the human rights complaint to the United Nations over climate change, and the Torres Strait organiser with Australia.

Daniel Billy

Role: Our Islands Our Home Organiser
Pronouns: he/him
Location: Warraber/Torres Strait

Daniel Billy is a Warraberalgal man (from Warraber Island), Kulkalgal Nation in the Central Torres Strait. He is a Traditional Owner and #TorresStrait8 claimant in the landmark Human Rights complaint to the United Nations over climate change. Daniel is a cultural advisor who enjoys organising his community, networking and participating in cultural events in the Torres Strait region. He loves spending alone time on the beach. Daniel has a deep love for his family, as well as his island home of Warraber – nothing will make him leave, not even climate change.

Waniki Maluwapi

Role: Our Islands Our Home Organiser
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Meanjin/Brisbane

Waniki Maluwapi is a Zenadth Kes and Papuan storyteller, community organiser and creative producer based in Meanjin. She is the 350 Australia community organiser and digital storyteller for the landmark Torres Strait Climate Justice case ‘Our Islands, Our Home.’ Waniki is passionate about amplifying the voices of those on the frontlines of the climate crisis through different art mediums. Her creativity stems from her malu Ancestors before her. Waniki is currently studying a Bachelor of Digital Media.

Verity Appleby

Role: Development Director
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Gadigal land/Sydney

Verity brings over a decade of experience in fundraising to the Australia team. She has worked for a range of not for profits including Amnesty International, Rape & Domestic Violence Services and the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) as well as some of the UK’s biggest not-for-profits in her role at On Agency. She is the founder of the Australian Fundraisers Network and mentors fundraisers across the sector to develop their skills.

Eve Byers

Role: Content Producer
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Lutruwita (Tasmania)

Eve has over nine years experience in content production, video and design. Her previous role was at ntegrity Agency, developing mobile-first creative for not-for-profit organisations. She’s worked on campaigns for Vinnies, Salvation Army, Breast Cancer Trials, Greenfleet, The Royal Children’s Hospital and more. She’s filmed and edited stories like the prevention of a nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land at Muckaty Station, the fight for people seeking asylum on Christmas Island and a video urging then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to stop the removal of babies and their families being sent from Australia to Nauru. She is a passionate storyteller, keen op-shopper and loves a good bush walk.


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