Thursday, May 09, 2024


Rise up, Melbourne!

Like the floodwaters and flames, we rise.

Across the continent, our communities have faced a summer of devastating climate impacts, from disastrous cyclones and floods to sweltering heat waves. Yet fossil fuel companies are fuelling the flames of the crisis, pushing ahead with risky coal and gas.

And yet, the Labor Government continues to make the climate crisis worse by picking the side of coal & gas billionaires.

Gas companies like Tamboran and Santos that are encroaching on communities in the NT, on Gomeroi land and Tiwi sea country, despite unanimous opposition from Traditional Owners

With an upcoming Federal Budget deciding what gets funding, and the government breaking election promises by delaying environment laws so they consider the impacts of climate change, right now is a crucial moment to rise up and make our demands loud and clear: ❌ no approvals or handouts for coal and gas ❌

Naarm, will you rise up and demand a better future? Join us on Thursday, May 9 at 12pm at the Melbourne Commonwealth Parliament Offices in East Melbourne (opposite Treasury Gardens).