Plibersek just approved 151 new gas wells – this is the plan

What’s happened

Late yesterday (Tues 25 June) Tanya Plibersek approved a Gina Rinehart-backed coal seam gas project in inland Queensland that will clear endangered koala habitat.

Senex’s stage 3 Atlas project will involve the construction of up to 151 coal seam gas wells, as well as access roads, associated pipelines and a 300 million litre CSG brine storage facility north west of Miles in central Queensland.

The project is expected to require the drainage of about six and a half million litres of groundwater each day as the coal seams are depressurised.

More info here in Lock the Gate’s media release

What do we need to do?

  • The story received some good media coverage today.
  • We need to make sure the news of community outrage about yet another fossil fuel approval makes it back to ALP MPs in as many seats as possible.
  • Labor needs to know that every single fossil fuel approval is being noticed and protested by the community.

Rapid Response Office Actions

WHEN: Thursday 27th & Friday 28th June

  • Ideally during MP office opening hours (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
  • If you can’t do it on Thursday or Friday – do it as soon as you can

WHERE: At your local ALP MPs or Senator’s office. Find details here


You can do this action with as few as 2 people! Grab your mate, make a sign, take a photo outside your MPs office and deliver our demands for No More Coal and Gas!

Step 1. Get your gear together 

    • Make a COPY, amend and then DOWNLOAD this letter which outlines our demands for No More Coal and Gas!
  • Make some placards or banners with the messages below – or download and print your own here

Step 2. Grab some mates

  • You only need 2 or more people to make an impact, but if you’re keen to invite others you can use the template text message below.

Step 3. Take Action

  • Gather out the front of the office
  • Take a photo outside your MP’s office first.  Close up shots of a couple people holding signs with the politician’s branding in the background are great – like this one!

  • Enter the office and ask to see the MP – say you are representing your group (if you’re part of one) and are angered by the Government’s decision to approve a new polluting fossil fuel project in the midst of a climate crisis
  • If the MP is not in, then ask to leave your letter of demands with a staffer. You may also like to share some points from the letter of demands when you hand it over.

Step 4. Follow Up

  • Send your best photos/videos to ASAP with the MP’s name in the subject line so we can upload them to the media folder and we know you’ve taken action!
  • Post your photos on social media tagging your MP and key Labor decision makers (using the tags below) and #NoMoreCoal #NoMoreGas #ClimateTrigger #MoveBeyondCoal
  • Let us know how you went – fill out the form below.

Placard / Banner Suggestions

  • Shame Labor Labor! ANOTHER dirty gas project approved
  • [Your MP’s Name – No More Coal and Gas]
  • More Gas = more fires, floods and droughts
  • Approving dirty gas in the middle of a climate crisis: madness.


  • This is a total betrayal by the Albanese Labor government, approving another climate wrecking gas project in the middle of a climate crisis.
  • The Albanese Labor Government promised to act meaningfully on climate, but today’s approval of yet another fossil fuel project shows that they continue to side with coal and gas billionaires instead of keeping our communities safe.
  • This decision is a disgrace at a time when international science and energy agencies say there can be no more exploitation of new oil, gas and coalfields if the world is to limit global heating to 1.5C.
  • We need a climate trigger to ensure the climate harm of coal and gas mining is central to approval decisions to ensure mining companies are held accountable for the vast climate impacts they have on Australian communities and the environment.
  • Environment laws that ignore the climate harm of digging coal and gas do not protect people or the environment – they protect the mining industry and fuel climate chaos.
  • The science is clear – we need to move away from fossil fuels like gas, not approve new gas mines which will turbo charge the climate crisis.