REPORT: Fund Our Future Not Gas

Our consultation has shown that Australians have a vision of an economic recovery that is substantially different to the Government’s current policies.

Captured State: the influence of the oil & gas lobby in WA

The WA government has been captured by the oil and gas industry for successive governments. This report outlines their influence what you can do to take back our democracy and get on with addressing the climate crisis.

Exposing the ties between Australian universities and the fossil fuel industry

Over the last four years, students have led campaigns across 18 Australian campuses urging their universities to divest from fossil fuels. Currently, Australian universities invest millions of dollars through their endowments into fossil fuel companies that are putting our future at risk from the impacts of dangerous climate change.

Heroes building Australia’s low-carbon economy

This report celebrates the heroes of Australia’s low-carbon economy, telling the stories of the renewables sector, the businesses, communities, and individuals who are taking matters into their own hands, creating opportunities and building a sustainable energy future.

In whose interest? Silencing charities in Australia

Hands Off Our Charities is a coalition of leading Australian charities spearheading opposition to laws that will silence Australians, hurt non-profits, and avoid accountability.

In whose interest? Silencing charities in Australia investigates how proposed new laws would hurt Australian charities and civil society. 

AGL “Alternative” Annual Report

This publication details the true costs of AGL Energy’s – Australia’s biggest carbon polluter – fossil fuel business, from environmental and social damage to the financial risks to shareholders.

See our report here.

Australian Fossil Fuel Review

Since the ANU announced it would divest from seven mining companies including Santos and Oil Search, the Australian Financial Review has published over 53 stories criticising the decision. 12 front pages have attacked the ANU. So we published our version of the news – the Australian Fossil Fuel Review, and presented the AFR with their very own Carbon Coverup Award at the 2014 Fairfax AGM.

Survey of Australians’ view of fossil fuel investments Australia commissioned Lonergan Australia to survey Australians on their views of fossil fuel investments. The findings? Two thirds of Aussies don’t want their money financing coal and gas. Read on to find out more…

Climate Proofing Your Finances: making your money fossil free

A publication by The Australia Institute in partnership with Australia and Market Forces, this paper deals with the way many Australians’ personal finances are accidentally financing fossil fuels and the options for reducing your fossil fuel exposure…

The Carbon Underground

A report by Fossil Free Indexes, The Carbon Underground identifies the world’s 200 largest (based on carbon reserves) coal, oil and gas companies….

Climate Proofing Your Investments: moving funds out of fossil fuels

A publication of The Australia Institute in partnership with Australia and Market Forces, this report identifies the ways in which public institutions are funding fossil fuel expansion through their investments and the ways that they can reduce their fossil fuel exposure…

Screening out Fossil Fuel Exposure from the ASX 200

A summary of the financial impacts of removing fossil fuels from an investment portfolio. Analysis conducted by Aperio Group for The Australia Institute, in partnership with Australia and Market Forces…

Disconnected: ANZ’s Fossil Fuel Financing

This publication by Australia, Market Forces and Greenpeace explores ANZ’s fossil fuel lending. Since January 2008, ANZ has loaned approximately $6.6 billion to coal and gas export projects along Australia’s eastern seaboard, including $1.1 billion to projects within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area….

Whitehaven Impacts Report 2013

A publication by Australia and Quit Coal. This report examines the social, economic and environmental impacts of Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek coal mine in NSW’s Leard State Forest. As we speak, Whitehaven Coal is furthering plans for its 2000 hectare open-cut Maules Creek coal mine near Narrabri in north-west NSW. The project will see over 1600 hectares of unique bushland and farmland cleared.

Financing Reef Destruction

A report by Market Forces which brings together five years of data and reporting, showing which banks have lent the most to dirty coal and gas projects along the Great Barrier Reef coastline.