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Protect Western Sydney from heat extremes!

People in Western Sydney are already suffering from extreme heat – and climate change will only make this problem worse.

Children struggling to learn in overheated classrooms. The sick and elderly in hot hospitals facing discomfort and detrimental health impacts. People working physical jobs outside, sweltering through day after day of 40+ temperatures. That’s what we’re facing in Western Sydney now – what will it be like in another five years?

Our leaders need to take climate action to protect Western Sydney from heat extremes.

In Western Sydney we experience heatwaves about 6 to 10 degrees hotter than on the coast. Unless our leaders take action to turn down the heat, the number of extreme heat days (over 35 degrees)  in Western Sydney could increase five-fold by 2090. Penrith will endure almost 50 days of extreme heat every year, and Richmond close to 70.

We expect our local representatives to protect our community from climate change and stop Adani’s coal mine. Tony Burke, Chris Bowen and Jason Clare – who look like they might keep their seats in the upcoming federal election – should stop new fossil fuel projects (like Adani) and come up with a plan for 100% renewable energy now.

They need to show they’re on the right side of history and show they’re for the future of Western Sydney communities.

Our leaders need to take climate action to protect Western Sydney from heat extremes. We're calling on them to:

  • Commit to real climate action
  • Have a plan to stop new dirty fuel projects – like the Adani coal mine
  • Implement a policy to move Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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