May 2, 2014

World Bank issues Kangaroo Green Bond

As the divestment movement marches steadily forward opportunities for climate savvy investors are also growing.  For the first time ever the World Bank issued green bonds in Aussie dollars to the domestic market.  The deal was anchored by UniSuper and is an exciting sign of progression of ethical investing in Australia and the world over.

Green Bonds have been issued by the World Bank since 2008.  To date 60 green bonds have been launched in 17 different currencies.  Money raised through the issues are used to help finance the world’s transition to a low carbon economy by funding eligible projects in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, new technology to reduce emissions in waste management and agriculture, as well as forest and watershed management and financing infrastructure to prevent climate

Issues of Green Bonds like the Kangaroo bond are fantastic opportunities for ethical investors to participate in projects that promote environmental sustainability and climate responsibility.  Issues like these really work to raise awareness of the growing importance in investing in projects that will enhance rather than deteriorate our future.  Isn’t this where we want our money to be invested, rather than with companies that participate in and endorse the destruction of our climate and environment (aka the fossil fuel industry)?

In more good news, Green Bond Principles has released their governance framework which aims to promote transparency and integrity in the Green Bond market.  Supported by 25 leading financial institutions these guidelines will work to establish industry standards. By providing issuers with guidance and support in launching Green Bonds and aiding investors in accurately assessing the environmental impact of potential investments the framework will greatly facilitate Green Bond issues.  

Fantastic, more places to put all that money that is going to need a new home with the success of all our divestment campaigns!