June 2, 2017

With Trump Out of Paris, the Road Ahead is Up to Us

President Donald Trump announced from the White House Rose Garden that the U.S would exit the Paris Climate Agreement for the alleged “well being of the United States and its people.”

350.org Australia National Campaigns Director, Charlie Wood, said the following:

Now more than ever we need the Turnbull Government to remain rock-solid with the rest of the international community and reject the fringe and dangerous moves of a volatile US president.

We will continue to fight for climate justice, project by project. This means stopping the Adani coal mine, closing down dirty coal power stations and pushing our social institutions to be climate leaders, not laggards.

Today is a sad day for the world. But it is not the end. The momentum for climate change can’t be stopped by one doddery old racist in decline occupying the White House. This is our future and it is up to all of us to work hard and do what it takes to ensure a safe climate future.

350.org U.S. Executive Director May Boeve issued the following statement:

“Trump has made his decision and we’re making ours – the rest of the world and the majority of Americans who support the Paris Climate Agreement will stand by it. We won’t be dragged back by a shortsighted and destructive fossil fuel puppet in the White House. While the Trump Administration has spent its first months rolling back hard-won protections for our communities and climate, we have spent it developing a shared vision of the transition away from fossil fuels towards a 100% clean energy economy that works for all.

“We’re already seeing dozens of cities commit to 100% renewable energy, a trend that will only continue. And throughout the world, leaders are committing to filling the gap that the U.S has created. We must use Trump’s bad example to demand that our cities, states, and other institutions step up on climate action in meaningful ways.

“We will harness public outrage into meaningful on-the-ground action. By working at the local and regional level, communities can organize for powerful and lasting change, forcing elected officials to choose a side: that of Trump and his fossil fuel billionaire cabinet, or that of the people fighting for a stable climate and an economy that works for everyone. We can use the next four years to show that everywhere across the country the transition to renewable energy is underway and creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs in the process. This was always up to us, and we must ensure we meet the challenge.”