March 5, 2020

UNSW divests from fossil fuels after 6 years of student campaigning

UNSW divests from fossil fuels after 6 years of student campaigning

Following six years of student-led campaigning UNSW has committed to divesting approximately $16.2 million from fossil fuels. UNSW will divest from 100% of companies that generate 20% or more of their income from fossil fuels by 2025. The University is also aiming to be carbon neutral in its electricity usage by the end of this year.

Mirima Goldman, Fossil Free UNSW Convenor said “This announcement is the result of countless petitions, rallies and sit ins organised and supported by students, alumni and staff members fighting for what is right for our future.

“UNSW is the first domino to fall in the state of NSW. Fossil Free UNSW hope that this announcement will encourage other universities such as University of Sydney, UTS to follow suit. Frankly we find it astounding that it took six long years of campaigning for progressive institutions to understand the fact that fossil fuels are part of the problem, not the solution.

“Fossil Free UNSW will not, however, rest on our laurels. We must ensure UNSW stays accountable to this commitment and stays true to its word. But for now, we can celebrate the power of ordinary people coming together and demanding climate action,” concluded Goldman.


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