October 17, 2017

Turnbull’s energy policy turns back on climate

CANBERRA — 17 October,  2017 — The Turnbull Government has capitulated to the extreme climate deniers on its backbench with the release of its new National Energy Guarantee that once again fails to provide any way forward on climate change and energy, 350.org Australia said today.

“By dumping the Clean Energy Target, Turnbull is setting up yet another climate policy destined to fail. Actively hampering investment in wind and solar energy will not prevent power blackouts or rising electricity bills. It will not guarantee energy reliability,” Glen Klatovsky,  of 350.org Australia said in Canberra today.

“Turnbull is locking us into a policy reliant on 19th century polluting coal that risks worsening climate change while the rest of the world rapidly moves away from it. Once again, Australian policy is actively preventing industry from the rapid transition to clean, cheap renewable power that we need to protect the climate.”  

“The proposed policy approved by Cabinet is farcical.  It completely ignores consistent scientific and economic advice and the growing chorus of concern from business, social and environmental voices. With no policy certainty, Turnbull will be opening the floodgates to dangerous new fossil fuel projects like the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland.

“Climate change is having an impact on our nation and the Pacific region right now and yet our government has turned a blind eye.”

“It is now time for state, council and business leaders in Australia to take control like the states and cities in the United States since the Trump Administration walked away from the Paris Agreement. We will be working with Premiers, Chief Ministers and Mayors,  with CEOs and Boards. With those leaders who, like us, had hoped we could rely on our Prime Minister to lead,” Klatovsky said.

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