March 17, 2017

#StopAdani Roadshow Kicks Off to Stop Australia’s Largest Coal Mine

SYDNEY, 17 March 2017 — Australia today announced the launch of a #StopAdani Roadshow to kick off the largest anti-coal movement in Australia’s history, aimed at stopping mining giant Adani’s mega coal project in Queensland.

The #Roadshow is launched in collaboration with GetUp, Australian Conservation Foundation, AMCS, AYCC,The Seed Youth Indigenous Network, North Queensland Conservation Council and Green Music Australia and will stop in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

The Adani mine would be the largest coal mine in Australia’s history and could singlehandedly tilt the planet above the 2 degree safe warming limit, and would certainly mean the end of the Great Barrier Reef.

The #StopAdani Roadshow features speakers from across the world — including those who have fought Adani’s environmental crimes in India, and a leader from the growing renewable energy sector. Roadshow speakers will brief thousands of Australians about how they can help  stop the Adani coal mine and move Australia to a clean energy future.

“The fight to stop the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history is the fight of our time,” said CEO Blair Palese. “If Adani’s mine goes ahead, it will be catastrophic for our climate. It will trash the already besieged Great Barrier Reef, lead to more droughts and severe weather, and will cause dramatic sea level rises that will re-make the world as we currently know it.”

“That is why Australia’s largest ever movement against coal is mobilising right now to ensure this climate and Reef wrecker never gets off the ground.

“More than 3 million people have already taken action to stop this mine. The #StopAdani Roadshow will propel our movement to new heights. We will end this coal mine.

“World-class speakers who have fought major environmental injustices like this before will skill up Australians across the nation who will take the fight against Adani into their homes and communities, and then out onto the streets until this shocking project is abandoned for good.”

The #StopAdani Roadshow will kick-off in Townsville and travel down the East Coast.


27th March Townsville

28th March Brisbane

29th March Sydney

30th March Canberra

31st March Melbourne

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