March 10, 2011

Rally For a Carbon Price!

350ites – It’s time to stand up for action on climate change and support the call for a price on pollution in Australia! Here’s what you can do: 1. Call or write a hard copy letter (email gets ignored!) to your MP and tell them you support the carbon price and believe they should too! Tell them not to listen to right wing shock jocks who are shouting out the sane call for action. 2. Write a letter to your local paper explaining in why you think a carbon price is essential for Australia! 3. Talk to those in your community about why a price on pollution is critical for Australia including: -We need to take real steps to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and to speed up the transition to clean energy. -We need an economic incentive to encourage clean energy and energy efficiency. -We need to work with other countries that have already priced pollution by establishing a framework in Australia that will allows us to be part of a low carbon future. Please help by taking action in whatever way you can!