September 8, 2016

Queensland’s big win on renewables shows we’re backing the wrong horse

BRISBANE, 8th September: As ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) announces $92 million in funding for solar projects including six in Queensland, has reminded the state Government that its ongoing support for the coal and gas industry is misguided and dangerous.

“Today’s funding announcement shows that the renewables revolution will deliver real jobs on the ground for regional Queensland communities. This is in stark contrast to the unsafe, and declining jobs offered by the coal industry,” said Moira Williams, of

Queensland was the biggest winner with new ARENA funding announced for six projects, creating $600million in investment potential and creating more than 1800 jobs across the state.

The support form ARENA is expected to unlock $1 billion of renewable energy infrastructure investment across the country and create several thousand jobs – mostly in regional areas.

“These are long-term, sustainable jobs in industries that won’t wreck the climate or the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Queensland has some of the best solar resources in the world. Yet, instead of harnessing these sustainable resources to deliver jobs and investment, Queensland’s politicians continue to back the dying coal industry and the climate and Reef wrecker that is Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.”

“The science is clear. We urgently need to shift away from coal and gas to stop dangerous global warming. It’s time for the Queensland Government to stop backing the wrong horse and embrace the clean energy revolution”

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Released before ARENA funding announcement: outlines figures for all ARENA proposed projects. 10 were proposed, 6 projects were successful in receiving funding today.