July 14, 2010

Putting the Art Back in eARTh

by Blair Palese, CEO of 350.org Australia As the UN’s late November climate talks approach and the pessimism about any chance of a global agreement on how to reduce our emissions grows, 350.org is looking large scale to send our message about the need for immediate action. Around the world, artists have heeded our call and taken up the challenge of joining us in a world first: Creating the first global art exhibition visible from space to call for climate action! It’s going to be slightly wild, and very beautiful. From November 20-28, 350 EARTH artists including Liu Bolin in China, Mark Dion and Molly Dilworth in the US and Jorge Rodriguez Gerada in Spain along with dozens of others will work with volunteers in more than 15 locations across the globe to create massive public art installations to draw attention to the impacts of climate change and offer visions of how we can solve the crisis. Each art installation will be large enough to be seen from space and documented by satellites generously provided by Digital Globe. From Mumbai and Cape Town to Los Angeles and Cairo, artistic images focused at telling world leaders about the urgent need to act will come alive, each in their own creative way. In Australia, we are hosting an “Art and the Environment” event on Wed., 10 November, to launch our participation in 350.org’s first-ever global scale art show at the grant pirrie gallery with a discussion by artists Janet Laurence, Caroline Rothwell and photographer Peter Solness. Coordinating our Australian art installation and also taking part, artist Keith Chidzey will describe his vision for a work in Broken Hill to be shot by satellite on Friday, 26 November. People around the world are invited to take part by attending signature events, submitting their own art and spreading the word about the project. We all politicians have all the facts, figures, and graphs they need to solve the climate crisis. What they lack is the will. 350 EARTH will demonstrate the massive public support for bold climate action and the role that art can play in inspiring humanity to take on our greatest challenge: protecting the planet on which we live. Join us in being part of this amazing undertaking by volunteering to help in Broken Hill, donating to 350.org Australia to help support our artistic effort as part of Earth and telling others about what they will be seeing at the end of November as the art works are created. For more information: http://earth.350.org/ or contact Matthew.taylor@350.org.

Click here to learn more about the event in Australia.