September 15, 2020

Public shouldn’t be left picking up the tab for gas companies

15 September 2020:

Climate activist organisation has called the Prime Minister’s use of public money for the gas industry utterly outrageous. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today announced a slew of measures designed to prop up the dirty gas industry, including subsidies of $52.9 million, a new ‘National Gas Infrastructure Plan’ and support to open up five new gas basins. Many of the announcements echo the recommendations in the leaked interim report of the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission’s Manufacturing Working Group. 

Shani Tager, 350 Australia Campaigner said: “Throwing $50 million at the gas industry is a pathway to more devastating climate impacts and extreme weather, driven by the polluting gas industry.

“The public are now left picking up the tab for special deals for the dirty gas sector, recommended by the Prime Minister’s hand-picked advisory group made up of people with significant interests in the gas industry. 

“Every dollar the Prime Minister gives to prop up the gas industry is a dollar less that can be spent on the people and communities that are suffering the most as a result of this pandemic. 

“The gas industry is one of the least job intensive industries and gas power stations provide very few long-term jobs. This funding could create high quality, long-term jobs if it was put directly into manufacturing or other sectors that have been most impacted by the economic crisis.

“It’s outrageous that the Prime Minister is wasting public money on the dirty gas industry and talking about building a new gas-fired power station when renewable energy is cheaper, cleaner and ready to go. 

“This won’t clean up our energy system and hasn’t provided workers with any kind of guarantee for their jobs,” said Ms Tager. 


For comment contact Shani Tager, Senior Campaigner, 350 Australia on 0432 050 809.