November 30, 2016

Pauline Hanson living in ‘fantasyland’ on Reef impacts: Australia is puzzled by One Nation’s bizarre Great Barrier Reef party today, where they are attempting to create an alternative reality in which the Reef is not suffering record bleaching.

“This Barrier Reef Party to highlight the health of the Reef is an incredibly bizarre and surreal attempt by Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Senators to pass off fiction as truth,” Queensland campaigner, Moira Williams said. “The recent record bleaching event affected 93% of the Reef, and it is still reeling from the impacts – with more bleaching expected this summer.

“Holding a strange ‘climate denying’ party on the Reef to say everything is okay will not fix the long term causes of the bleaching. If Pauline Hanson really cared about the future of the Reef she would put a muzzle on Malcolm Roberts and work hard to rapidly address Australia’s climate pollution problem.

“This would mean making sure the Adani mine in Queensland never sees the light of day. Only this will protect the Reef and the 69,000 jobs it provides.”

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