March 14, 2018

Over 30,000 Batman residents called about Adani’s mine ahead of by-election

Over 31,000 Batman residents were robo-called last night about Adani’s controversial coal mine, ahead of the Batman by-election this Saturday, following a weekend of Labour Day door-knocking and work by volunteers to put up hundreds of “Why won’t Labor oppose Adani’s mine?” posters.

According to the ABC TV current affairs show 7:30 this week, Adani’s mine has become the number one issue in the election campaign, with more than three-quarters of Batman residents, and two thirds of all Australians, opposed to the project.

“Where the parties stand on Adani’s mine will be the issue that decides my vote at this Saturday’s election,” said Northcote resident of 34 years, Mary Crooks,  a Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Award winner, who is the voice of the robocall message.

“Adani’s mine will be terrible for the climate, terrible for the Reef and terrible for our kids future. That’s why it’s so disappointing that the Labor Party and Bill Shorten have refused to stop this mine, despite the majority of Australians being against it.

“No politician can look their constituents in the eye and say they are serious about tackling dangerous climate change unless they also oppose Adani,” said Crooks.

Jake Wishart from Australia, said: “In the past six weeks, this election has made the Adani mine front page news across Australia.  We’ve been out in the streets of Batman in recent weeks speaking to thousands of voters and the message we keep hearing is that they want a representative in Canberra who will do what it takes to stop Adani’s mine and move Australia beyond coal.”

To listen to the robocall: More than three quarters of Batman residents want to #StopAdani

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