May 7, 2021

Morrison’s gas cash splash for billionaires continues

7 May 2021: climate action group 350 Australia says the Morrison Government is burning public money and ignoring the community by handing more money to billionaires in the gas industry.

Reports today revealed that next week’s budget will allocate another $58.6 million to the gas industry, including a $32 million loan for the Golden Beach gas production and storage project in Victoria and $6.2 million for the Wallumbilla gas hub in Queensland.

350 Australia Campaign Director Kelly Albion said: “The Morrison Government seems determined to push ahead with subsidising the polluting gas industry at the expense of our climate and in the face of community opposition.

“Giving money to these gas projects will cost our budget now and cost all of us in years to come with the pollution that they’ll be responsible for, and the stranded assets they’ll leave with the taxpayer.

“The fact that they’re considering giving millions to billionaire Twiggy Forrest, one of the richest men in Australia, to underwrite the Port Kembla gas terminal is more proof that Morrison is looking out for his wealthy mates through this economic crisis, not the rest of us.

“Every dollar the Morrison Government gives to the gas industry is money that can’t be spent on projects that deliver clean energy and good jobs.

An interim report of the National Gas Infrastructure Plan has been released with a further $90.6 million for gas projects.

“The Government only stopped their consultation on this plan a month ago and now they’re releasing a report, it’s hard to believe that they’ve listened to the thousands of people who made submissions calling for the money not to be spent on other things.

“Thousands of Australians took the time to make a submission, many stating that they want public money to be spent on things like clean energy, education and healthcare, not the gas industry but Angus Taylor doesn’t seem to care.

“If the ‘strategic basins’ in the government’s gas plan are mined and burnt, the emissions would undo any domestic climate policies five times over. These unconventional gas will fuel more warming and result in increased bushfires, droughts, floods and heatwaves,” concluded Kelly Albion.



Media contact: Kelly Albion 0422 636 775