April 7, 2016

If AGL is serious about climate action, it won’t buy Alinta’s dirty gas assets: 350.org

MELBOURNE, 7th April: 350.org Australia has slammed AGL’s decision to  partner with Australia’s largest gas company APA in a bid to buy gas giant Alinta’s assets in Western Australia.

The move comes amid alarming signs of global warming with February the hottest month on record, the northern hemisphere clocking 2 degrees above average last month and a massive coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef that has been driven by a warmer climate.

“AGL brands itself a clean company, but this announcement lays bare its obsession with fossil fuels that are driving global warming,” said Josh Creaser, 350.org’s Frontline Projects Coordinator

“It makes no sense to have a coal phase-out plan on the one hand whilst simultaneously  ramping up gas investments. Carbon is carbon. At the end of the day gas is a dirty fossil fuel that is fuelling dangerous climate change.”

“If AGL proceeds with this plan, it will demonstrate that they are not serious about getting out of fossil fuels and that their talk about transitioning to renewables is just window dressing.

Modelling by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that increased use of gas is not compatible with keeping global warming below 2 degrees. According to the IEA,a world that converted heavily to “clean” gas would still experience temperature rises of 3.5 degrees Celsius

“CEO Andrew Vesey claims to be getting his company out of the fossil fuel business — but by investing in gas through the purchase of Alinta they are crowding out the space for renewable energy and delaying the transition.

“350.org’s community campaign will be pressuring AGL to stop the talk and greenwash and develop a serious plan to get out of fossil fuels at a pace that’s compatible with stopping dangerous climate change,” concluded Creaser.

Melbourne action at AGL HQ: 350.org will stage a creative action outside AGL’s Melbourne HQ at 1pm today to talk with staff and customers about the company’s addiction to fossil fuels.

Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 436 948