March 21, 2016

Greg Hunt’s denial of the seriousness of coral bleaching is pure political fantasy

SYDNEY, 21st March 2016: Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s claim the Great Barrier Reef is in ‘strong condition’ despite devastating coral bleaching is pure fantasy and is an abdication of his role as environment minister, according to Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority yesterday raised the reef’s coral bleaching threat level to 3, the highest possible.

“This tragic coral bleaching again signals what we already know — coal and gas are warming the planet and destroying the places we love most,” said CEO Blair Palese.  “Greg Hunt has once again shown that he is unworthy of the title of Environment Minister and is more concerned with political games than actually protecting the environment.”

“We don’t need another survey! The science is unequivocal here – if we want to enjoy natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef for decades to come, we must keep coal and gas in the ground.

“Despite the astonishing news of coral bleaching of our Reef, Greg Hunt has approved and then re-approved Adani’s Carmichael coal mine, which would be both a climate and Reef catastrophe.

“Greg Hunt is currently living in a fantasy land where burning fossil fuels, acting on climate change and protecting the environment can somehow coexist. This is not the case and Minister Hunt needs to step up and start doing his job.

“This latest coral bleaching shows us in no uncertain terms that coal kills. It’s time for Minister Hunt to show some gumption and agree to keep it in the ground, starting with the monstrous Carmichael coal mine,” concluded Palese.

Media contact: Cam Klose: 0490 436 948