February 12, 2021

Gas industry’s climate policy will add more fuel to the fire

12 February 2021: Climate activist organisation 350.org has slammed the gas lobby’s attempts at greenwashing on climate action. The Australian Petroleum Producers and Exploration Association (APPEA) today released their latest climate policy, advocating for a greater use of gas.

350.org Australia senior campaigner Shani Tager said: “The gas lobby’s latest attempt at greenwashing is farcical: you don’t add more fuel to a fire and call it firefighting.

“The gas industry is a major source of climate pollution already, they’re a big part of the problem and plans to expand the industry will make things even worse.”

Recent analysis by 350.org showed that opening up five new gas basins as part of the Morrison Government’s gas plans will cancel out the emissions savings from the Government’s flagship climate policies five times over.

“Extracting and burning gas from these five new gas basins will emit over three times Australia’s annual emissions.

“The Government’s plans to subsidise the gas industry and support more fracking is adding fuel to the fire at a time when we urgently need to be cutting climate pollution,” said Ms Tager.

“Australia needs to be investing in climate solutions that create secure jobs, not supporting big gas companies who are part of the problem.”


Notes: analysis of the climate impact of the strategic basins can be found here.