February 1, 2018

Different ALP Candidate, same support for Adani?


Thursday February 1, 2018: Regardless who emerges as the ALP candidate for the besieged seat of Batman, the #StopAdani movement is vowing to power ahead with its Batman blitz in the ultra marginal seat. The campaign has reiterated its direct call on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to rule out Adani, as new polling released today reveals more than 75% of ALP voters oppose Adani.

“Regardless who the ALP candidate may be, our campaign will power ahead 100%,” said Jake Wishart, Senior Campaigner for 350.org.

“We call on Bill Shorten and Shadow Cabinet to categorically rule out support for this dirty coal mine.”

“Mr. Shorten says you can’t have a bet each way on climate change. Well the ALP can’t have a bet each way with the people of Batman. They must rule out Adani at a Federal level now, regardless who the candidate is in Batman.”

“We have hundreds of activists signed up, trained up and ready to go door-knocking, phone-banking and campaigning right across the electorate.”

“This seat is on a margin of less than 1.03% two-party preferred between Labor and the Greens. That’s less than  2,000 votes.”

“We need to create secure, clean energy jobs for the future to protect our climate. Adani is a disaster and the people of Batman reject it.”

Hundreds of community activists launched the #StopAdani campaign in the federal seat of Batman in Melbourne on Tuesday, putting all political parties and candidates on notice that stopping Adani’s proposed Carmichael coal mine would be a major issue in a by-election.

To arrange an interview contact:  Jake Wishart 0413 208 134 or  for media support, Louise Fraser on 0438 993 068

Images from Tuesday’s #StopAdani campaign launch in Batman can be found on the 350 Flickr.