March 25, 2020

COVID-19 Coordination Commission should represent community, not corporations

Media comment  |  25 March 2020

Civil society group 350 Australia has raised concerns about the COVID-19 Coordination Commission and the appointment of Nev Power, a current director of gas company Strike Energy and former CEO of Fortescue Group concerning. 350 Australia is calling for community interests to be prioritised over corporate interests and representation from the health sector, unions, and charities.

“Leaders should focus on serving the public good, not big corporate interests. Scott Morrison should quickly move to broaden the Commission’s make-up to better reflect the job at hand: protecting workers, looking after vulnerable people, and setting Australia up to build jobs in booming sectors like the clean energy economy.  

“The newly revealed COVID-19 Coordination Commission is heavy on fossil fuel executives and has no representation from health, unions, charities or the renewables sector.

“What we need most is national unity that brings together the best experts from across the country. 

“Pro-coal politicians are already calling for fast tracking of new fossil fuel projects under the cover of this crisis. 

“The appointment of Nev Power, a current director of a gas company, creates a clear conflict of interest.

“This is a time to rely on experts and those who will prioritise community interest, not the interests of their sector.”  


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Nev Power was appointed as a non-executive director of Strike Energy in 2019:

Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt on Tuesday called for fast tracking due process and approval of New Hope Coal’s controversial Acland mine extension: