February 12, 2015

CommBank is trying to silence us

Have you heard? The Commonwealth Bank is trying to stifle our family-friendly divestment day event at their Sydney headquarters tomorrow.

After the police granted final approval last week, CommBank have told us the day before the event to move where no one can see or hear us. Is this what they think of our concerns about their involvement in the world’s largest coal port on the Great Barrier Reef?

CommBank is trying to silence us but we won’t be silenced. We’re going right ahead as planned and we hope you’ll join us at CommBank Headquarters @ Darling Quarter, 12 noon TOMORROW, Friday 13th February. Share on facebook here.

Last year, CommBank was named as the lead arranger for Indian mining giant Adani who is planning to build the world’s largest coal port on the Great Barrier Reef. Already, several international banks have ruled out in this disastrous project, yet CommBank remains silent.

That’s why we need everyone at Global Divestment Day tomorrow, to tell CommBank that if they won’t distance themselves from dangerous coal ports on the Reef, then we’ll distance ourselves from them. We’ll move our money elsewhere – we’ll divest – and we’ll make plenty of noise about it.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, CommBank is also refusing to send anyone out to meet with us, despite promising to send out a representative last week.

This is not the kind of response that CommBank customers deserve from their bank. It’s not the kind of response that Australians deserve from one of our biggest banks, especially when the future of our Reef and our climate is on the line.

Join us tomorrow to tell CommBank that just as we won’t be silenced, it’s time for them to stop being silent – and to rule out dangerous coal expansion on the Reef once and for all.

PS: In addition to showing up tomorrow, can you also: Tweet CommBank and Spread the word on facebook