April 30, 2020

Climate group slams BHP’s decision to remain a member of the NSW Minerals Council

BHP today announced it will remain a member of the NSW Minerals Council, despite finding a material difference between BHP’s and the NSW Minerals Council’s positions on climate change in December 2019. 

350 Australia Director Lucy Manne has said that the NSW Minerals Council has consistently undermined climate action in Australia, and if BHP is serious about its commitment to the Paris Agreement on climate change, it has to cancel its membership.

“If BHP is serious about protecting our climate, it must leave the NSW Minerals Council. Failure to do so just shows us that this is just another public relations stunt and they have no interest in protecting our planet.

“BHP really needs to put its money where its mouth is. It’s not enough for it to say it wants industry associations to support the Paris Agreement, it needs to walk away from groups like the NSW Minerals Council that don’t measure up to this standard – it’s that simple.”

The NSW Minerals Council is ranked by InfluenceMap as one of the most destructive groups in the world opposing action on climate change.

“The NSW Minerals Council has an aggressive pro-coal agenda, and has been seeking changes to the planning laws that would make legal challenges on climate grounds impossible. It has been ranked as one of the worst climate wreckers in the world. For BHP to say they are aligned with them shreds any credibility they have”.


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