August 23, 2013

Brisbane – Divestment Training

Last weekend saw another successful divestment training day, this time in Brisbane.  A couple of the participants share their thoughts on how the day went.

From Mark Doyle:

As an older fella amongst the bright young things, still on the catch up with the second nature lingo of Skype, Facebook, Live minutes and the personal bane of my life Google docs its always a pleasure to see the positive interactions that come from people connecting over something they feel passionate about. 
The dominant culture in QLD is more obviously controlled by the resource sector than my experience in other states, the coal trains rocking and screeching through the very middle of the suburbs. So to come to a training session whose sole is to point out and undermine this business model…..well it’s rare.
Charlie was excellent, the information was tight and we could not hear it and fail to see its potential to create something exciting. 

From Steve (Bugs) Tobin:

Knowledge, collaboration and foresight are powerful tools for people and I found this free training day put on by the 350 Team to be an incredibly worthwhile experience. Unlike many other activist movements that seek to promote change, 350 has clear strategies and a direction that is well-thought out in every aspect of its approach. The wide mix of people at the training day I attended was testimony to something I already knew: the climate crisis is relevant to every single one of us, and taking action is among the greatest moral issues of our time. The group’s discussions on the day also showed me that our wide mix of backgrounds was, in fact, a strength as we worked toward the goal of bringing light to the importance of bringing an organisation’s investments in line with its ethical framework.