March 17, 2018

Batman voters signal to ALP: Adopt Ged’s #StopAdani position


Melbourne, Saturday March 17, 2018:  The ALP’s victory in the Batman federal by-election this weekend was made possible by Ged Kearney’s clear opposition to the Adani coal mine project, at odds with the ALP’s chaotic policy position on the mine, said today.   

“Ged Kearney’s win in Batman was in no small part due to her clear opposition to the Adani coal mine during the Batman election campaign,” said Jake Wishart, senior campaigner.

“We look forward to working with her to make sure ALP policy supports the two-thirds of Australians who want to stop Adani.”

“The ALP is now on notice that a key part of electoral success is to end public confusion around its pro-Adani mine position and commit to stopping Adani and providing a clear policy on how Australia can move beyond coal.”

“During the election Ged Kearney opposed the mine and committed to reviewing Adani’s approvals. As the Member for Batman, we will work with her to represent her constituents and lead the charge within the Labor Party to deliver a clear policy committed to stopping this polluting coal mine.”

“Bill Shorten may breath a sigh of relief, but he cannot take this victory for granted. Adani has been a key election issue here in Melbourne, and voters have chosen a candidate who said she was personally opposed to the Adani mine, despite the very confusing and conflicting statements from the ALP.”  

“Three-quarters of Batman residents do not want this mine to go ahead. Burning the coal from Adani’s mine would fuel dangerous climate change, leading to more extreme weather, bushfires and storms and put the Great Barrier Reef at risk.”  

“Bill Shorten’s inability to commit Labor to stopping the Adani mine project very nearly cost the ALP the seat, and could cost him even more at the next federal election,” said Wishart.    

The StopAdani movement will continue its campaign until Labor steps up and does the right thing by committing to stop Adani’s mine.

Interviews: Jake Wishart, 0413 208 134; Media contact: Lou Fraser, 0438 993 068.