March 16, 2017

Aurizon to Face Intense Public Backlash if it Builds Rail Line for World’s Largest Coal Project: Australia says rail company Aurizon should withdraw its application for public funding to build the rail line for what would be Australia’s largest ever coal project or face severe public backlash.

Aurizon has applied for a $1.25 billion taxpayer loan from the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) to connect proposed coal mega mines, including Adani’s project,  in Queensland to the Port of Abbot Point for export.

“Right when the is Reef dying in front of our eyes due to its second major climate-induced bleaching event within twelve months, Aurizon wants to help open up one of the world’s largest coal basins which will kill the Reef and cook the climate,” Australia spokesperson, Isaac Astill said.

“Australians all across the country are deeply opposed to this project and Aurizon will face a huge backlash if they go ahead and build this rail line. If Aurizon are serious about their intention to build this project they can expect powerful consumer action will soon follow, with millions of people willing to do whatever it takes to protect our climate and Reef.

“If they care about their reputation, Aurizon will withdraw their NAIF application immediately and leave this dirty coal safely in the ground where it belongs.”