September 28, 2016

Appointment of Oil Search Boss to AGL’s Board indicates poor climate leadership

Sydney, 28th September: Australia is disappointed to see AGL Energy appoint long-time oil executive and Oil Search CEO Peter Botten to its board.

“Appointing Mr Botten to AGL’s board is a major strategic blunder.  It further entrenches fossil fuel interests at the company’s highest rung of decision-making when AGL should instead be developing a pathway out of fossil fuels in order to meet its climate change commitments,” said Josh Creaser from Australia.

“Mr Botten and Oil Search are clearly in the dirty energy game. AGL should be seeking out experts in clean energy and major corporate transitions to populate its Board, not stalwarts of the old guard of dirty energy.”

“AGL tries to present itself as a clean company, yet plans to keep burning coal until 2050 and has now given a senior position to someone who appears set on maintaining the fossil fuel drenched status quo,” concluded Creaser.

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