March 1, 2017

AGL’s ageing power plants produce more carbon pollution each year

Newcastle, 1 March. Data released yesterday by the Clean Energy Regulator shows carbon emissions from AGL’s Bayswater and Liddell power stations are increasing as they age.

The amount of carbon pollution each station produces for every megawatt of power generated has increased every year since 2012-13. The total carbon pollution from Bayswater is up by 11% and 25% at Liddell.

“As these old power plants age, they become less efficient and produce more and more carbon pollution. At a time when Australians are feeling the impacts of climate change with the recent extreme heat, catastrophic bushfire conditions and more bleaching expected on the Great Barrier Reef, this is disappointing news from AGL, said campaigner Josh Creaser.

“AGL plans to keep Bayswater open until 2035, and though a yearly increase of 1% might sound small it will add up over another 18 years of operation.”

AGL was again named as the country’s biggest emitter, taking the lead by a considerable margin. The company’s emissions have more than doubled since 2012-13.

“AGL talks the talk on climate action, but these results show once again that they are far from walking the walk. The company needs a plan to transition from dirty coal power to clean energy from the wind and sun,” concluded Creaser.

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