November 14, 2016

AGL must rule out sinking money in a new polluting gas hub and power plant: Australia

SYDNEY, 14 November. Australia says Australia’s biggest polluter, AGL, must rule out sinking more money into polluting fossil fuel infrastructure in response to a plan outlined today to  invest in an LNG import hub and gas power plants.

AGL’s 2016 Investor Day Report released today includes the option of a $200 to $300 million dollar LNG import hub to be available by 2021.

“It is astounding that just four days after Australia ratified the Paris Climate Agreement, AGL has flagged that it’s considering sinking millions of dollars into new polluting fossil fuel infrastructure,” said’s Josh Creaser.

“AGL has committed to limiting global warming by less than two degrees and yet it is undertaking projects that will lock in decades of fossil fuel use and condemn the planet to dangerous climate change. Indeed, the recent Oil Change International report showed that even existing fossil fuel projects will blow the 2 degree budget and that no new coal, oil or gas projects can be undertaken.

“AGL must accept the climate science, scrap any further fossil fuel developments and focus on closing its existing coal and gas power stations to make a rapid transition to clean energy and be part of the climate change solution,” Creaser said.

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