June 28, 2016

Advice to hard right candidates: If you don’t buy your URLs, we will – and tell people what you’re really about

GetUp and 350.org have taught extreme right wing candidates a lesson in how to use the internet, buying up web addresses linked to the candidates and using them to inform the public of their horrible records.

Kelsey Cooke, GetUp Election Campaign Director, said that these candidates were the worst of the worst, and their electorates deserve to get the facts about their records when Googling their name.

“These websites have been designed for voters looking to find out more information about their local candidates. Here, they can learn more about what they really stand for.

GeorgeChristensenMP.com features quotes from the MP including “the truth about women is that they are bloody stupid”, and notes that the racist MP is under AFP investigation for bribery allegations.

“This guy incites racial hatred by attending Reclaim Australia rallies.

“Abbott acolyte and angry guy Andrew Nikolic has also failed to secure easily linkable websites. At AndrewNikolicMP.com voters will find information about Andrew Nikolic voted to make power and medicine more expensive, supported the cuts to hospitals and threatened University Professors for criticising him.

Charlie Wood from 350.org said:

“Peter Dutton, previously voted Australia’s worst Health Minister, also gets his own website makeover. We bought PeterDuttonMP.com so that people can remember the dumb and extremist stuff he’s done recently including cutting the health budget and attacking immigrants for both taking our jobs AND lanugishing on welfare.

“Finally, we also noticed that BarnabyJoyceMP.com was available so we bought that one too. Barnaby is the Deputy PM, and says one thing in his electorate and another in Parliament.

“In 2012, Barnaby said ‘if you want wind farms vote for an independent, a Green or the Labor party’, but in 2016 he’s out there opening wind farms and opposing coal mines. You can’t trust Barnaby on coal and gas, and you can’t trust him to buy the web addresses you need to stop people informing the community of what’s really going on.”

For more information please call Adrian Dodd 0401 726 476