July 8, 2015

Adani Mining Lunch interrupted by Queenslanders Highlighting Coal & Climate Concerns

Today community members gained entry to the Brisbane Mining Club’s monthly industry event to deliver a message of concern to keynote speaker Jeyakumar Janakaraj, CEO of Adani Australia. The group unfurled a banner reading ‘Unburnable, Unbankable: Adani Galilee Coal’ —  highlighting the controversy facing Adani’s Galilee Coal projects.

The peaceful action was aimed at Brisbane Mining Club’s guest speaker, Jeyakumar Janakaraj, CEO of Adani Mining Australia. The banner drop aimed to stress the growing disapproval for Adani’s plans to mine and ship 60 million annual tonnes of coal from the Galilee Basin through the Port of Abbot Point and the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef Defender and Brisbane student Scarlett Squire who took part in the action said, “Adani has a terrible history of environmental destruction and their plans to unlock millions of tonnes of coal in the Galilee basin, spell disaster for the climate. Our actions today are just a small example of the action that people everywhere are willing to take to stop Adani’s climate-wrecking proposals.”

Last week, it was revealed that senior officials had deemed Adani’s Carmichael mine unbankable. Queensland’s Treasury expressed grave concerns over the Indian-based company’s proposals, including the fact that coal prices are continuing on a two-year downward spiral with no end in sight. Adani’s own financial modeling shows that coal prices would have to miraculously double to make a profit.

“Mr Janakaraj is here wining and dining with Brisbane elites, trying to talk up this white elephant of a project. We are here to make sure that the financial and climate risk of the projects and sustained community opposition cannot be ignored”

“If financial experts are telling us that Adani’s coal is unbankable and climate scientists are telling us that Adani’s coal is unburnable, then it’s time for our Government and Banks to join the 11 international banks and millions of people worldwide e who have rejected this project. Adani’s climate and reef wrecking project,” concluded Squire.


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