May 31, 2019

Adani decision on finch is watching extinction live

Today the Queensland Government signed the death warrant of the endangered black-throated finch. The best remaining bit of habitat for this wonderful little bird is to be cleared by Adani and most experts see little hope for the bird to survive.

After a monstrous campaign of deceit, bullying and lies, the coal industry has gotten what it wants from a fearful Queensland Government desperately trying to run away from its responsibilities.

“Just weeks ago it looked like the Government was conducting scientific analysis on both the black-throated finch and the groundwater impacts of the proposed Adani mine. Today we see capitulation to the power of the mining lobby in Queensland. This is a disaster for the environment, for the black-throated finch and for the people of Queensland,” stated Glen Klatovsky, acting CEO of 350 Australia.

“We have seen 29 bird species lost forever in this country over the last 200 years. Is the black-throated finch number 30? When you remove its prime habitat and hope that degraded habitat on Clive Palmer’s coal mine lease will stay standing and be adequate, you really have to be concerned.

“The Adani coal mine is simply not in the best interests of Queensland or Australia. We need better protection and science-based decision making instead of political buck-passing and capitulation to the miners,” concluded Mr Klatovsky.

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