March 31, 2017

Adani approvals process is a sham that puts big business before Queenslanders: Australia calls on Premier Palaszczuk to stop putting the wishes of Adani before Queenslanders following reports her government will grant the company a water licence for its mega coal mine in Queensland.

“This decision shows that the whole approval process is a sham with no transparency. It is a slap in the face for Queenslanders,” CEO Blair Palese said.

“When 87% of the state is locked in a record drought, it is crazy that Premier Palaszczuk would allow Adani to extract billions of litres of precious groundwater for their carbon bomb.

“Community opposition to this project is astounding. At the #StopAdani Roadshow in Brisbane this week, over 1200 Queenslanders attended to hear how they can stop this terrible mine from going ahead.

“There is no public appetite for Adani’s coal mine and this is the final chance for Premier Palaszczuk to be on the right side of history, say no to Adani and decline the company’s water license.”