September 27, 2010

A picture is worth so much more than a thousand words

The right picture or video can be essential to earning news coverage for your 10-10-10 event. Like a good soundbite, a good visual effortlessly communicates its message to an audience. Since this year, with our work parties, we want to tell world leaders: “We’re getting to work on climate solutions, what are you doing?” we know we need to create visuals that symbolically “say” something about work, place and perhaps even fun. For example, images of women cooking with solar ovens in Pakistan and Sumo wrestlers riding bikes in Japan will evoke ideas about geography and solution-based action with style.
You can do the same thing with your event, and it needn’t be This photo on the front page of the Micronesia challenge, for instance, is both poignant and clearly “set” in the Pacific:
Additionally, the photo from the 350 Day Of Action last year of a child holding the number 350 underwater at the Great Barrier Reef instantly placed the event and told a story. Shovels, solar panels, caulking guns, hard hats, flower boxes and so forth are items that symbolize work and can be integrated into your event’s photography.
So think about how you might create an opportunity for such a picture, and when you pitch journalists, let them know about the strong visual nature if your event. Also, don’t forget to take your own photographs and videos so we can disseminate them ourselves. It’s that simple. If you have any questions about spicing up the visuals in your event don’t hesitate to contact me at and we’ll brainstorm ideas. Good luck and I can’t wait to see your events on film!