June 13, 2016

350.org says Malcolm Turnbull’s $1bn Reef Package is a Hoax

BRISBANE, 13th June: 350.org says that an announcement by Malcolm Turnbull today that he will grant $1bn to clean up water quality in the Reef is a hoax because the money has been re-allocated from a clean energy fund that the Government cut and the package only treats the symptoms of Reef degradation and not the cause – fossil fuels.

“Yet again we see Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition failing to protect the Reef from its number 1 nemesis – fossil fuels. It is the mining and burning of coal and gas that is destroying the Great Barrier Reef yet the Coalition continues to dish out billions of dollars to the fossil fuel industry, said Moira Williams, 350.org Australia campaigner.

“It is outrageous that Turnbull says he’s investing in Reef protection when the money he’s announced today was taken from the same clean energy fund (the Clean Energy Finance Corporation) that his Government slashed.

“Rading money from renewables, then dressing it up as money to protect the Reef whilst continuing to prop up the greatest threat to the Reef – the fossil fuel industry – is no sign of leadership. Turnbull is misleading Australians and today’s announcement is a clear sign of a Government that has been captured by the fossil fuel industry.

“When you compare the $7.7 billion that the Turnbull Government will hand to the fossil fuel industry as subsidies this year with this fake $1 billion over 10 years for the Reef, you see where our Government’s loyalties really lie.

“It’s time for voters to call out our Government for their shameful inaction on climate and negligence on the Reef. A vote for the Coalition on July 2 equals a vote for climate and Reef destruction,” concluded Williams.

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