August 29, 2016 say it’s time for Resources Minister Canavan to drop his prehistoric pro-coal agenda after Adani court case

BRISBANE, Monday 29th August: As the Federal Court dismissed a major legal challenge to Australia’s largest proposed coal project – Adani’s Carmichael coal mine – 350 Australia say Resources Minister Matt Canavan should be ashamed that he has pushed this climate and Reef wrecker of a project so fervently.

“Minister’s Canavan’s support for this horrendous coal project shows he is out of touch with everyday Australians who overwhelmingly oppose this mine given the devastating impacts it will have on our climate and the Great Barrier Reef,” 350 Queensland campaigner, Moira Williams said.

Canavan, within whose electorate the Carmichael coal mine falls, has been passionately campaigning for the mega coal project to go ahead for years, whilst actively advocating for cuts to the renewable energy sector. Last year, the then Senator called the renewable energy target “one big punt” that gets “less bang for more buck”

“It would be reckless for Canavan to take today’s Federal Court decision as a vindication of his pro-coal agenda. Everyone knows that there’s no safe future with Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in it. He  must reject the mine and stop suggesting that taxpayer’s money should be used to prop it up.

“The Minister’s own state of Queensland has some of the best solar resources on the planet and yet it is way behind other states and the rest of the world when it comes to renewable energy generation because politicians like Canavan are set on digging up more coal.

“After a year that has already topped the temperature charts, we’re headed for yet another record-breaking summer. Extreme weather events are intensifying. This is no time to be developing mega coal projects. We must keep fossil fuels in the ground and rapidly transition to 100% renewables.

“Australians overwhelmingly love renewables and increasingly hate fossil fuels so why is the Minister so diametrically opposed to what Australians want?

“Minister Canavan should listen to everyday Australians and urgently heed Prime Minister Turnbull’s call for an economy built on innovation not the mining boom. It’s time for him to get with the times and support the clean, innovative renewable technologies not the growing climate storm that projects like Adani’s would guarantee,” concluded Ms Williams.
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