May 31, 2017 calls on Queensland Government to come clean on royalties deal calls on the Palaszczuk Government to come clean on its royalty deal with Adani and calls into question the viability of the Adani project.

“The Queensland government’s royalty deal confirms that Adani is playing our Governments like fools and milking them for all they’re worth,” #StopAdani campaigner, Isaac Astill said.

“Adani has shown itself to be a huge corporate rent seeker that is scrounging money off the Federal government and now off the Queensland government through this secretive royalty deal. The mine is obviously a financial disaster and Adani is trying to get as much out of Australia’s taxpayers as possible in the process.

“The Queensland government has broken its election pledge not to do any secret deals with Adani. It is time the government came clean and told the voters exactly how much this royalty deal will cost the state.

“This is just another disgusting example of politicians pandering to polluters at the expense of the environment, taxpayers and Australians.”