April 28, 2017

350.org and AYCC commend Westpac for climate change leadership that rules out new coal basin investment after strong community pressure

Huge blow to Queensland Adani coal mine project

SYDNEY, 28 April 2017 — 350.org and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition hailed Westpac’s new climate change policy, including a ban on funding for any new coal basin projects, as a massive blow for Adani’s new coal mine and the coal industry in Australia.

“Westpac’s new climate change policy and decision to rule out funding for new coal basins — including the Adani mega mine — is an enormous blow to this project and the future of coal in Australia after sustained community pressure from around the country,” 350.org’s CEO Blair Palese, said.

“The Federal and Queensland governments are becoming increasingly isolated as businesses and international investors refuse to touch coal and the Adani project.

“After months of community pressure, Westpac’s announcement is a strong indication that people everywhere are ready to stop this climate disaster in its tracks and that Adani and our Government ignore them at their peril.”

AYCC National Director Gemma Borgo-Caratti said “Opposing Adani’s mega mine is a no-brainer. Coal pollution kills and drives dangerous climate change that puts our very future at risk. We hope Adani is paying close attention to Westpac’s announcement. We will not stop until this mine is dead and buried.

“It is time for our politicians to grow a spine, show some much needed climate change leadership and send Adani packing.

“We commend Westpac for this move and call on the other Australian banks to outline concrete policies that will see them rapidly move away from fossil fuels and toward investment in clean energy solutions.”


Media contact: Cambell Klose 0490 4369 948, cam.klose@350.org.au