August 4, 2018

350 Central Queensland hosts Sea Shepherd ship “Steve Irwin” on Stop Adani Operation Reef Defence tour

Male Sea LionSea Shepherd flagship, the M/Y Steve Irwin arrived at Yeppoon today to
support the Great Barrier Reef on Operation Reef Defence (Photo Credit: Tara Lambourne / Sea Shepherd).

Sea Shepherd is part of the Stop Adani Alliance that represent almost 40 organisations and millions of Australians calling for an end to the Adani Carmichael coal mine, in defence of the Great Barrier Reef and liveable climate for our children. Sea Shepherd’s flagship the MY Steve Irwin is travelling up the east coast of Australia to Abbot Point, with a dozen stops to acknowledge and engage the great work of the Australian communities standing strong for the Reef.

The M/Y Steve Irwin and crew arrived into Yeppoon, Queensland to a wonderful paddle out and welcoming today, riding on a wave of community support from Melbourne, Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Noosa, Agnes Water and 1770 in defence of the Great Barrier Reef.

Ms Chantelle James, spokesperson for 350 Central Queensland, said: “The time to act on climate and protect the reef and our oceans from the current and future impacts of climate change is now. That’s why we are drawing a line in the sand with Adani’s mega coal mine; we are not prepared to trade the reef and all its beauty and biodiversity for more dirty coal mines that will continue to fuel climate change.

The coal that is exported from Central Queensland to the world, no matter where it is burnt, is having a global impact and increasing the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, resulting in increased ocean temperatures and massive coral bleaching events around the globe. Once we have stopped Adani, we will continue the fight to stop other coal mines in the Gallilee basin to protect our climate, reef, farmers, ecosystems and people”

Jeff Hansen, Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia stated: “The Great Barrier Reef is a natural icon, she is the largest living thing on the planet, however, she is not well, so much so that over a third of her is dead and more of her is sick. When our mates are not well, we rally and support each other, to get our mates back on their feet, and the last thing our Great Barrier Reef needs right now is more stress via warmer and acidic waters, which is just what the Adani Coal mine will do. Quite simply, it would be un-Australian to support the Adani coal mine.”

Jeff Hansen, Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia stated: “Sea Shepherd is proud to stand strong with the community of Yeppoon, in opposition of the Adani coal mine, in defence the Great Barrier Reef and a liveable climate for our children. The message is crystal clear, Australians will not trade the Great Barrier Reef for a destructive climate catastrophe coal mine, which directly puts at risk 64,000 Australian jobs that the reef supports. It’s a simple choice, coal or coral, protecting an Australian icon or killing her with one of the world’s biggest coal mines, because the fact is, we cannot have both.

The Yeppoon community relies on healthy oceans, reefs and islands off their beautiful coast and naturally their love of this area is on par with their resolve to defend it, and the Great Barrier Reef. Once again highlighting that the opposition to the Adani coal mine is only growing, with the Australian public choosing coral over coal, its time the Australian Government reflected the will of the people of Australian and revoke Adani’s approval.”

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