Here’s how we’re going to stop billions in oil & gas bailouts.


The problem:

Right now, the government is considering giving $10 billion to oil and gas companies and wants to fast track the approvals of gas basins that would tip us over the carbon budget needed to keep warming below 1.5 degrees. 

If these fracking gas fields are exploited these companies will pollute local water sources, put community health at risk, and force Aboriginal communities off Country.

We need to demonstrate public outcry and dissent about this blatant cash splash for gas, and put forward and alternative recovery that puts people before the vested interests of the oil and gas lobby.

You’re joining a movement of everyday people doing same action throughout November – together our voice is powerful 💪📣

I want talk to my MP about this

The solution:

We can have a better world out the other side of this crisis — but to do that we need to lay the foundations for a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, communities are resilient to future pandemics and extreme weather events, and we reclaim our democracy from vested interests.

We can have a People’s Recovery:

  1. Self-determination and Land Rights for First Nations people
  2. Millions of new low carbon jobs that are secure and unionised
  3. Caring for the most targeted and vulnerable people, in health, economic and climate crises
  4. Cleaning up our democracy
  5. Create resilient systems that can weather future crises
  6. A fair and just tax system that resources our public services

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What we’re going to do about it:

  1. Show what we’d rather spend billions of dollars of public money on by taking a selfie with this poster, filled in, and posting it to social media with the hashtag #FundOurFutureNotGas
  2. Meet with your MP or Senator (step through the process below – don’t worry, we’ll support you!)
  3. Sign the petition saying NO to gas bailouts, and we’ll deliver it to the government during a parliamentary sitting week.

Guide to meeting with your MP or Senator to stop public money for gas

Sign up to host or attend a meeting here

Step 1: Find your local MP/Senator and ask for a meeting

Because you are a resident of their electorate, your MP is obliged to meet with you. 

Setting up a meeting is as easy as calling their office and saying, “I am a resident of your electorate, and I would like to come meet with you to discuss the planned subsidies for gas fields and infrastructure and my concerns about its impact on climate change.” The meeting would only take approximately 15-30 minutes, and can be in person or on Zoom.

Follow this request up with an email confirming the details. They’ll likely want to know the names of the people attending, but you can tell them you’ll confirm that closer to the meeting.

You can look up your Federal MP and Senators here: 


To the Hon. [insert MP or Senator name],

I am a resident of [Suburb/Town], and I would like to request a meeting with you to discuss the government’s plans for a ‘gas-fired recovery’ and subsequent risks, as my elected representative.

Could you please advise of the earliest available time to meet with you in October or November to discuss these matters.

I look forward to hearing from you,

[your name and contact phone number]

Step 2: Build support in your community

A good way to show your politician that their electorate cares about this issue is to collect support from people in your community. You could collect petition signatures or do a photo petition by printing out this poster and getting people to fill it out and take a photo. Alternatively you could get a whiteboard and use that to capture people’s photos – get creative,  we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Step 3: Recruit other people to join you at your meeting

  • We can put you in touch with people in your electorate who want to get involved in your meeting. Make sure they know the time and details of the meeting, and any prep they need to do by sending them an email, text or giving them a call. 
  • Are there people in your community who share your concerns about climate change? Reach out to them and see if they can make it. 
  • If there are people who’ve taken action from your electorate – either by signing a petition or taking a photo in support – make sure to invite them along too!

We can help you connect to other people on our list near you – sign up to get connected!

Step 4: Prepare for the meeting

      • READ UP: Have a read of this blog about why spending public money on gas is a terrible idea or have a listen to this podcast. You might like to learn about the economics of gas, the climate impacts or the tax dodging of some of the companies seeking public funds. You could lean into the influence of the gas lobby in advising this strategy, and the related integrity issues. 
          • You want to have 3 key messages that you take into the meeting that you make sure you are confident communicating.
      • But don’t feel like you have to be the expert on climate change or gas. Connect with your politician on a personal level and let them know your concern and anger with the government’s plans to spend billions propping up the oil and gas industry, when there are better ways to support people and the economy through this crisis. Explain why this issue matters to you personally, and what you’re doing in your community to build support.
        • You can always revert back to the experts – the Climate Council, economists, and scientists.
  • Prepare an agenda for the conversation. 
      • Stay on topic, be respectful and keep calm. Don’t let the politician change the topic and keep talking on and on. Bring the conversation back to the agreed topic – public subsidies for gas, and climate change. It’s unlikely that you and your MP will agree on all aspects of every issue, and that’s okay. Remember that it’s more important to make your concerns heard than to convince your MP.
      • If you have a group of people joining the meeting, make sure everyone gets a say. 
  • Work out what you are asking your MP to do – this is the most important part of the meeting. If you can work out where your MP sits before the meeting, prepare for one of these asks:
      • Super supportive: ask them to speak in Parliament and to their party colleagues about the issue, take a photo with us
      • Somewhat supportive: ask them to demand a cost/benefit analysis of public money for gas
      • On the fence: Meet with experts about the issue – Climate Council, The Australia Institute, IEEFA
      • Not supportive: ASK THEM WHY + then take a photo with them 
        • *we are trying to gather intel about the opposition message
Important: Australia is non-partisan charity. This means that we do not endorse any particular candidates or political parties and we never tell people who they should vote for. We want all political parties to take a strong stand on climate change. Be mindful of this in your Facebook posts or conversations with MPs.

Template Agenda

View agenda as Word doc

Section 1 – Introductions (5 mins)
  • Introduce yourself. Each person should introduce who they are, what suburb they live in and why they have come today.
  • Thank the MP for their time today, and briefly talk about your plan for the meeting.
Section 2 – Why public money for gas is a terrible idea (10 mins)
  • Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pushing big subsidies for gas as part of his plan for economic recovery from the pandemic. Subsidising the gas industry means there’s less to spend on communities who are struggling as a result of the pandemic. Recovery spending should benefit people and the environment, not just serve the interests of multinational fossil fuel companies that pay little or no tax, and employ very few Australians. 
  • [Pick three top issues you want to cover about gas] – resources above
    • E.g. Climate risks, jobs numbers and alternative ways to spend public money
Section 3 – The Ask (5mins)
[The ask will depend on your local member – we can help craft an ask that makes sense depending on their power, their politics and their capacity to support]

  1. Super supportive: ask them to speak in Parliament and to their party colleagues about the issue, take a photo with us
  2. Somewhat supportive: ask them to demand a cost/benefit analysis of public money for gas
  3. On the fence: Meet with experts about the issue – Climate Council, The Australia Institute, IEEFA
  4. Not supportive: ASK THEM WHY + then take a photo with us 
    1. *we are trying to gather intel about the opposition message

Repeat the ask and thank them for their support. Tell them you’ll be in touch in a few weeks to follow up.

Get a photo, and email it to us at If your MP doesn’t want to get a picture with you, get a photo without them outside, next to their office sign.

Say thank you for their time and goodbye!

Step 5: Take a great photo and send it to us 📸

Getting a great photo to document your meeting will help us to show just how many people across the country are taking part in this week of action. It’s important that you get it to us quickly and take a good quality image. Here are a few tips for creating the strongest possible photo:

PLAN YOUR PHOTO: Make sure you plan your photo with the MP. If you can not get a photo with the MP make sure you take a photo of handing this report to the office’s receptionist or just outside the office making sure it is clear where you are and what you are doing. 

If you’re having an online meeting, allocate someone in the group to take a screenshot/print screen of the call.

FRAMING: Make sure your photo is tight and centred on the MP and the person holding the report. Focus on capturing people from their torso up. Don’t leave lots of empty space around the sides, unless it’s an important backdrop. Take a landscape and a portrait photo. 

LIGHT: Make sure light is coming from the front and there are no lamps  or windows behind the shot.  Be aware of other sources of light — again ideally coming in front.

BACKDROP and POSITIONING: Is there a sign for the politicians’ offices or a recognisable building or feature that will explain where you are and help tell the story? 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Try to arrange for at least one reliable person who can take good photos and has either a camera or a good phone. 

Sending the photos to us

Please send your 3 best photos to us ASAP! It’s really important that you share the photos you have as soon as possible after they are taken on the day. This will allow us to share it widely across Australia on social media and provide it to journalists covering the story.  

Send it to your 350 support person and 

Step 6: Following up after the meeting

  • Send your photos to us, and tell us how the meeting went. We want to show just how widespread and powerful we are, and we’re keen to hear the feedback from the MP to guide our campaign strategy, and help us tailor our approach to similar politicians.
  • Send a follow-up email to the electorate office thanking the MP for meeting with you,  restating any commitments they made and confirm any next steps. We have provided a template email below that you can adapt.
  • Debrief on what went well, or what could have gone better and what you would do differently next time.
  • Find a time to take action again together – keep building community support, see if anyone wants to take on a coordinating role with you, and think about starting a local group! 

What to do if you can’t get a meeting or they don’t get back to you

If you’ve tried everything – calling, emailing, dropping into their electorate office, and your MP still won’t lock in a meeting time. You can organise an action outside of their office (if Covid restrictions allow for it). 

To organise an action, you want to follow these steps: 

  • Decide on a time and date, then make a Facebook event for it
  • Invite some people along – put posters up, send out an email or text (get in touch with us 
  • Make some signs, banners and noise makers
  • Put out a press release to the local newspaper, including the fact that your politician rejected X meeting requests
  • Give people roles on the day like photographer, crowd razzer, chant leader etc

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Kelly on 0422 636 775 or