Fossil Free Universities

For decades the fossil fuel industry has been pumping out greenhouse gases while misleading the public and blocking positive climate policies. Our public institutions have been complicit in their scheme to cook the planet for profits by providing the social and financial support necessary to continue in this ‘business as usual’ model.

Since 2011, students, staff and alumni have been working to push universities to withdraw their investments in the fossil fuel industry. Together through creative grassroots campaigns that have involved thousands of people in the campus community, we’ve won commitments from 6 universities across Australia. But it’s not enough.

In the face of the far right’s relentless attacks on global and national efforts to curb carbon emissions, now more than ever we need our institutions to stand with us and cut their ties with those who will do anything to keep digging and burning coal, oil and gas.

So in 2018 we are scaling up the movement and uniting diverse voices to reignite the push for a fairer and cleaner future. It will be tough and challenging, but together we can build a movement stronger than any challenge in our way.

The fight is just starting, join us.