Fossil Fuel Divestment

Securing a safe climate means that 80% of all existing fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground—yet many of our institutions are investing in these reserves. Australia is one of the most carbon-intense economies in the world, yet we are rich in renewable energy resources. Most of us are unwittingly investing our money in fossil fuel expansion, through our superannuation and bank accounts. As institutions and individuals move their money out of fossil fuels and into clean energy, we can take away the fossil fuel industry’s social license to pollute the planet, unlock the climate action deadlock and set Australia on the path to a clean, safe and just energy future.


“If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, then it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.”


Ever wondered what your university, religious institution, workplace, or local government invests its money in? Chances are it involves fossil fuels. Start a campaign today and together, let’s help our institutions to move their money out of fossil fuels and take real action on climate change.

Are you connected to a university? Click here to get your university to divest!





Fossil Free Banks

Since 2008, Australia’s big 4 banks have loaned almost $37 billion dollars to fossil fuel projects, from coal and gas export ports on the Great Barrier Reef to Australia’s largest new coal mine in NSW’s Leard State Forest. Find out more and take action today.




Fossil Free Super

Over 55% of the world’s superannuation is invested in coal, oil, gas and other climate-exposed investments whilst less than 2% is invested in climate solutions like renewable energy. If super funds switched even a fraction of their investments to renewables, it would completely transform the energy industry. We have the opportunity to radically shift superannuation from being the world’s biggest fossil fuel investor to a climate change champion.




Fossil Free Universities

Universities understand where the real threats to our future lie. It’s thanks to them that we know the facts about climate change. They are prominent and well respected institutions in our communities. The students who attend Universities now are learning for the lifetime ahead of them. A lifetime that will be increasingly impacted as the temperature warms. Despite this, our universities continue to invest in companies that are helping fuel the climate crisis. Fossil Free campaigns at campuses across the country are calling on their Universities to take a stand against the fossil fuel industry, and divest from fossil fuels.