How much does ANZ invest in fossil fuels?

ANZ has lent $13.9 billion to fossil fuels since it signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016.

ANZ has committed to achieving net zero by 2050, which the International Energy Agency (IEA) says means no more fossil fuel investments.

Despite this they have loaned $952 million to Whitehaven Coal, New Hope, Woodside and Santos – some of Australia’s most notorious polluters.

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Are you an ANZ customer? Put the CEO on notice.

Using your power as a customer, you can send a clear message to the CEO of ANZ  that you don’t want your savings invested in climate wrecking fossil fuels like oil and gas.

You can email Shayne Elliot <> and let him know that if they don’t rule out new fossil fuel lending and make a plan for phase out, you’ll close your accounts.

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